Compressed Air - Quality GMP Requirements - What you need to know to meet FDA and International Quality Standards

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Course Summary

Compressed air for pharmaceutical use is considered a critical utility as many of its applications involve direct contact with the pharmaceutical product.

The design, construction and monitoring of a compressed air system is essential for maintaining a quality system without contamination of the product.  

Proper testing of compressed air quality according to international standards is important for both validation and ongoing monitoring of the system.  

Learning Objectives :

  • Compressed Air - Importance of Quality
  • Pharmaceutical Compressed Air System Design
  • Contamination Types and Sources
  • Contamination Prevention
  • International GMP Testing Standards
  • Testing Methods and Specifications

This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all personnel in:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Microbiology
  • Manufacturing
  • Validation
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance

Topic Background :

Compressed air is often overlooked as a potential source of clean room and product contamination.  This webinar will give you an understanding of the different types of contamination inherent in  compressed air and how to prevent each from affecting your particular system.

A detailed description of a typical pharmaceutical compressed air system with its individual components is provided.  Engineering schematics are included.  All component functions are detailed with recommendations as to which component type is considered optimal.

The four contamination sources in compressed air are discussed.  These are:

a) solid particulate

b) water content

c) total oil content

d) microbial bioburden

For each of these, the presentation will discuss cause and effect.   Suggestions are also provided for prevention of the contamination.

Finally, a compilation of all FDA/EU GMP Guidances, USP/EP and ISO air standards are presented.  Sampling and testing methodology for each of these specifications is discussed.

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